Mind Force

Inner Circle Module 1- Inception

Module 1

The immersion process will set a trajectory for your success with THE MIND FORCE METHOD.

Module Structure

Week #1 10 Lessons

What to Do First

The Mind Force Specialist's journey begins with simple steps. To build incredible energy and mental clarity starts with the proper foundation for success.

Self Evaluation

To achieve greatness you need a starting point. The only way to measure your growth is by knowing where you began. This self evaluation is your way to determine the skills you will need in order to become a MIND FORCE & QUANTUM QIGONG SPECIALIST.

Exercise– Shadow Work

We all have a shadow self. The key is to know how to learn from the shadow to begin the transformation process in a profound way.


Building Qi and Mind Force is something that needs to be second nature to you. If you want fast results, double or triple your focus with exercises that can be done certain times of the day.

The Sequence of The 3 Daily Rituals

The key to building up your Qi Energy and Mind Force is to create a daily habit, routine or ritual to enable your body and mind to begin the melding together process. Repetition of habits is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Welcome to the big leagues.

Morning Ritual

One of the most important elements to The Mind Force Method is The Morning Ritual. This will allow you to set a positive trajectory every day to reach your targets in record time.

The Immersion Principle Video Training

Without "Immersion" you'll never be a "Controller" or Mind Force Specialist. You must immerse yourself into the study and execution of mind, body, spirit transformation.

Qi Magnification- The Secret Techniques

Chi Magnification is the concept that you can magnify the output of chi with just your Mind Force.

The mind creates pictures constantly, so you must learn how to focus on something just like you would a magnifying glass taking the energy of the sun and transferring it to a piece of paper you are wanting to light.

Learning how to magnify or expand your Qi exponentially is both a physical and mental exercise. The starting point is believing you can do it.

Core Exercises

These core exercises of the system are exactly what you need to get really good. These may seem simple, but over time they will create a great amount of Qi Power and Mind Force.

Primordial Qi & Breathing Techniques

Primordial Qi is the essence of energy you were born with and combined with the breathing, brings out your latent abilities to manipulate with that Qi energy. You will learn (4) specific breathing types in this video.

Week #2 7 Lessons

Subliminal Mind Workshop

Discover an easy way to create your own subliminal suggestions, affirmations and incantations with several easy to use FREE tools that you can find online.

Power Up & Power Down

Learn how to instantly power up your Qi or to turn the volume of the Qi down on command

Rooting/Grounding Qi for Power & Purpose

Build your Qi Taproot deep into the ground and create an energy bubble that you can use for many purposes.

Hot & Cold Qi Technique

Do you like the hot or the cold? The best kind of chi is the kind that makes you feel good. Most of the time that is a nice warm yet cool chi. Not too cold or not too hot. However there is a use for the extreme cold and hot Qi.

Remembering Esoteric Skills

In order to go from the unknown to the known you have to pre-program your mind for the outcome you desire. This short exercise will allow you to tap into a portion of your mind that allows you to remember things, even if they are imagined. This is one secret toll that will help you go far in this training.

Week #3 3 Lessons

The Concept of Qigong Alchemy

Alchemy is the science of turning one substance into that of another. In this video, you’ll begin to understand that by using the concepts Mind Force & Quantum Qigong, you are actually creating a change physically, mentally and spiritually.