Mind Force

What to Do First

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1


Step 1 -  Set Your Targets and Goals

To truly set a trajectory for success, you'll want to set goals and targets for where you want to be in 30,60,90 days. 

These targets can be chi energy goals. mind force goals, health goals, getting in shape goals, financial goals etc.


Question 1 - What Do You Want?

What is the burning desire that you want to accomplish?

 Is it a better body than you've ever had before?


Is it finding a life partner that you can love and who will love you?


Is it a promotion at your job, a new job or even new career?

What motivates you? Do you want more powerful energy to become a controller?

Do you want to be a better healer?

Set the target that you desire...


Question 2 - When Do You Want it? 

All goals must be dated to be relevant. Depending on the goal will depend on the date. Since we are starting this journey and have set a time frame of 90 days/12 Weeks, what is your goal in the next 90 days?

What can you accomplish in 12 weeks?

Can you do more in 12 weeks than you could do in 12 months?


Question 3 - What are You Willing to Give Up to Get it?

Everything has a price...

Sometimes you give up time, while other times you may give up money. And in some cases you give up both..

It's really give up to get something better in the future... Give up time now, so you can live better in the future.

Give up money in the short term to create a plan to have more abundance in the future.


Question 4 - How Will You Know When You Get There?

In your vision, what does success look like?

How will you feel when you get there?

What are the tangibles you will recognize once you get to your first target?


Step 2 -  Complete Your Self Evaluation

Take the Self Evaluation to set your starting point. Are you a rank beginner, expert or somewhere in between? Focus on what you want to accomplish over the next 30 days and beyond. Click Here to Access.


Step 3 -  Access The Training

Over the coming days, you'll be given lessons where you can learn unique concepts, methods and techniques in order for you to begin the process of becoming a "Controller".  You'll also have Exercises that are designed to open up your MIND-BODY-SPIRIT, in new and profound ways that you never even imagined.

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