Mind Force

Muscle Memory Training (Video)

Lesson 23 Chapter 4 Module 1

Muscle Memory

Do you realize that as you place more time and effort into getting your mind to think a certain way, that it is building up a mental muscle?

Just like a physical activity, your mind remembers...

As a martial artist, I was always taught that the more I drilled a certain technique, the more it would become "Muscle Memory".

That means that if you try and attack me, there are certain reactions built into my body and mind that fire automatically...

There are secrets to creating Muscle Memory at a much faster pace, did you know that?

It's true...

Every time you think, imagine, or perceive of something, it is building a gateway in your brain.

Every memory you have, everything you have ever done or thought, is stored in your brain waiting to be retrieved when needed...

Let me give you one way to activate the Muscle Memory process...

It is called "Slow Speed Synchronicity" and I will go more into it below...

However, let me give you some tips on building up the muscle memory of your mind force.


1. Take one concept
2. Learn the concept even if only in a peripheral way
3. Begin to meditate on it
4. Build into your mind and body a recognition of this even if you've never done it.
5. Develop a keen sense of awareness around this one concept

[-------ONE CONCEPT-----------]

When thinking about this, only use one concept...

Don't try and do several at one time.

This is the concept of "Pre-Play" and "Re-Play" that I will discuss in a couple of days...

Hang with me--These are nuggets of gold, if you will embrace them.


  • Andreas U says:

    I think each single cell has a consciousness and a mind; and there are at least 3 brains in the body (head, heart (Neurons have been found there!) and hara or gut. The more, I think mind and brain are overlapping but not the same …

  • Pen