Mind Force

Accessing Power Through The Void

Lesson 22 Chapter 4 Module 1


Relax Your Body & Meditate

Step 1: Place your body in a relaxed state through meditation. This can be done sitting, lying down or even standing. The key is you must relax your body mind and spirit.


Go Into The Void/Your Void

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    Think of nothing and think of everything that is
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    Reduce everything down into energy

Step 2: The void is a place you go to derive many things. In this instance we are looking for our power, your power. You must identify what that is and what that means to you.


Identify and Use the Power

Step 3: Once you identify that power, fill it up with your wonderful imagination and energy. An energy that is you and is all the good things that you are. See the power as a way for you to break free from any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


The Energy Power Defeats Negative

Step 2: Simply allow the energy power to separate you from anything that is holding you back physically, mentally, or even spiritually. See and feel your body being infused with this powerful energy.

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    Only positive powerful thoughts
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    Focus only on the outcome of power you desire-- Nothing else.

This exercise is controlled by you so can last anywhere from 5 minutes to one hour depending on your needs.