Mind Force

Qi Magnification- The Secret Techniques

Lesson 8 Chapter 1 Module 1

  • Robert A says:

    Well I can feel it through the video. However that is only because it is causing the particles in my field to have a similar vibration pattern while the energy behaves as a particle anyway. However I know that over the video the effect is greatly diminished than in person. Because the actual energy you were controlling directly was in the room you were in. However through the video because of the effect known as quantum entanglement you caused some particles in the room I’m in behave in the way you were making your energy you were controlling behave.

    This of course depends on what the original energy sources actual power was. I have to say that this is getting interesting. I do know some things but want to learn from you as well so I am keeping my mind open to the concepts you teach as well as taking effective notes. I am certainly not an expert in anyway myself… I rank as a beginner in my mind. Can’t wait for week 2. I will focus on week ones material for a bit first though. Thanks 😀

    • admin says:

      I was very subtle with the energy, and if I wanted to I could have emotionalized it to make if feel however I wanted. I’m glad you could feel it.

      When you say “Original energy source” what do you mean?

  • Andreas U says:

    Please is it correct that still there is no blood washing done and so on – it is not yet listed among the exercises?

    • admin says:

      Blood Washing most certainly part of the workout and will be discussed in week #2

      • Andreas U says:

        Thank you, I was not sure if we should start the Chi Power Blueprint beside the lessons from here!

  • Pen