Inner Game: Exercise: Advanced Rituals- Morning-Noon & Night

Phases of Instruction

The Sequence of the Three Rituals

The key to building up your Qi Energy and Mind Force is to create a daily habit, routine or ritual to enable your body and mind to begin the melding together process. Repetition of habits is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Welcome to the big leagues.


Morning Ritual - Starting Your Day Off Right

Morning/Yang Training-- Wakes up the body and infuses it with vital energy for the day ahead.


Mid-Day Ritual - Keeping the Momentum & Flow Throughout the Day 

Mid-Day/ Yin/Yang Training-- A combination of both Yin and Yang or an alternating day process- M-W-F is Yang and T-T-S are Yin.


Night-Time Training - Relax the Body & Mind Before Sleep

Night Time/Yin Training-- The proper way to relax down the body, mind and spirit after the days activities.