Inner Game: Exercise- Inner Child Meditation


Phases of Instruction

Secrets of The Inner Child Meditation  

The Inner Child is inside of you and always will be...

It’s the innocence of being a child and having childlike thoughts.

Think deeply about your inner child... Think back to when you were between 7-10 years old.

What did you think about?

What made you happy?

What was your favorite toy, game or sport?

Did you have heroes and who were they?

What did you do with your wonderful childlike imagination?



Get into your Favorite meditation position and relax down your body, mind and spirit. The key is be calm and relaxed at all times.


Talk to the Inner Child...

The inner child is part of you and always will be. The inner child has gone through trauma and can help you to step into more power by recognizing the trauma in your life. 


Use the Following Mantra...

One method used by Hawaiian Huna practitioners use a concept called "ho'oponopono", which is a method for for forgiveness that we can use to heal the inner child. Repeat the following over and over again. You can do this even throughout your day.

  • I love you
  • I'm sorry
  • Forgive me
  • Thank you


What Does Your Inner Child Say to You?

Go deep inside. Feel, hear and see what the Inner Child has to say to you. This is a powerful forgiveness and healing exercise that can provide answers for you. Seek the answers. Ask your inner child for the answer.