Inner Game: Technical Skills Development


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Technical Skill Development

So, if you have been following me,
you've already learned some very important principles of how to speed up your learning
to become an advanced practitioner of any skills set....

#1 Immersion #2 Conceptual Awareness

Have you used these two over the last week or so? If not, why haven't you?
If you were my coaching student and you don't do the work, guess what?
You get dropped! One woman wouldn't do the work...

I refunded her money back because she wasn't ready to put in the flight time.

Here' an email I got from Jeff


Dear Al,

I enjoy your instructions, especially about conceptual awareness because I just got hired for a cabinet making job, nd I know pretty much nothing about carpentry or cabinet making, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can while on the job.
I'm looking forward to practicing conceptual awareness at work.

Thank you very much ~Jeff


You see the key is about the concept not the medium in which it is applied...

When you take a principle and apply it. It will work for you..

My advice to you, is that you read the emails again and then begin to apply the concepts in your life...

Now, what I want to teach you today is about "Technical Skills Development"

You can have immersion and also the Conceptual Awareness, but if you don't "Got Skills" (I know, I know-poorly worded), then you don't really have anything.

The key is like I've said before is knowing the right skills and then developing those skills.

I always use the example of Mind Force Training, because these are areas of real honest to goodness esoteric training that many want to learn.

There are hundreds and thousands of people teaching these concepts, but how many of them are teaching anything of value?

That is a very good question, isn't it?

But here is the deal...

If you don't have THE RIGHT TECHNIQUES & HOW TO APPLY THEM you're probably wasting your time.

And if you are wasting your time, you will never get the skills you seek.

Simple enough, isn't it?

It would be better for you to have (1) one really good technique than hundreds of crappy ones.

One of my martial arts instructors always told us...

"It is better to have 10 good techniques that you know (Immersion) than hundreds you don't (poor Conceptual awareness)."

That my friend is a key to your success in any of this...

Find a system that works and then begin to hone the techniques to a razors edge.

Let me know if you have been enjoying these instructions, because I enjoy sharing them.