Inner Game: The Morning Ritual


Phases of Instruction

The Power of Your Morning Ritual

The Morning Ritual

How to "Wire Yourself for Manifestation"

1. 21 Breathing pattern-- 3 sets of 7-- Chi Power Breathing here
2. On the 3rd set of breaths explode your breath out to the world and feel manifestation being drawn to you on the inhale.
3. Focus on the emotions that will cause you to be the better, more deserving you. Feel happy, euphoric, blissful and thankful for all the blessings in your life.
4. The three (3)  emotions that mess people up-- ANGER, FEAR & DOUBT.
5. Gratitude is the antidote-- Think of 3 things you're grateful for for 3 minutes
-- Person
-- Situation
-- Something really simple-- The weather, a smile, the fact you are in a free country able to do what you please, a new day of life.
7. Then do 3 minutes of a BLESSING-- Imagine Life, God, Energy coming into your body and healing every muscle and nerve your body. Strengthening every best aspect of you, your passion, your love, your generosity, creativity, humor, manifesting what you desire.
8. See's any problem as "BEING SOLVED" Feel a powerful euphoric, blissful & positive energy flowing into your body with emotional content.
9. Then circle out that amazing energy to everyone you know and love, your wife, kids, family, friends, etc. imagine them being healed and absorbing this massive positive energy.
10. Pyramid of Power- Three specific outcomes that matter to you. Picture a pyramid with a top point corner and two base corners. These are the 3 things you want to attain and manifest. Don't think about achieving them, but SEE, FEEL, EXPERIENCE them as being done. See the impact of it, the peoples lives changed, the joy you bring to the world, etc.

The Morning Ritual Audio MP3

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