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Conceptual Awareness

In the last module, I stressed the importance of "Immersion".
If you want to get good at something, you have to immerse yourself into that fully.
Another principle that I want you to know about is the concept of


Conceptual Awareness is a concept where you very quickly develop a keen sense for what is important and what is not in regards to learning new skills.

You see, in order to maximize your ability to learn things at a rapid pace,
you need to be able to use the same motto that Bruce Lee used all those years ago...
"Use What is Useful, and Discard That Which Isn't"

The quicker you can do this, the faster you will actually learn the real meat of what you need to know to obtain a certain skill.
Most of the time, we get fed the 80% of information we don't really need to accelerate.

And in reality it is closer to 90% or 95%!
So what you are really seeking is 5-10% where the real meat is.
So Conceptual Awareness is that ability to find the good stuff in the midst of all of the things that are just filler.

This is what I did...

And in order to do it, you have to sort through a lot of junk.
But more importantly, you have to have a keen sense or perception of which aspects are keepers and which aren't.

That is the tricky part.

I can show you how to do that by testing things quickly and knowing if they work or not...
In a Nutshell, that is what "Conceptual Awareness" is all about.

Are you getting value out of these training modules?

Let me know if you are enjoying this instruction, because it has been helpful to others in the past.

Stay tuned as I will have some more valuable nuggets for you to digest.



PS- The key to learning is to take one simple concept or strategy and internalize it. Once you do that, it becomes yours.