Inner Game: Subliminal Mind Workshop


Phases of Instruction

Subliminal Mind Workshop


Steps to Creating a Subliminal File


Step 1 - Have a microphone or headset/microphone to record with

If you don't already have one go to Amazon or other store. We recommend LOGITECH as a good brand to choose. Click here to go to amazon.


Step 2 - Download a copy of Audacity

Audacity is a great software that will allow you to convert your computer to a sound studio to use to create powerful recordings. Download Audacity here. You will also need the MP3 Encoder. Here is a video explaining it. You can find it from multiple sources. Here is more information.


Step 3 - Download Your favorite audio file from Mind Portal and record your first subliminal

Get your first recording done and you will so how this will positively affect how you operate as a controller. See below for link to Mind Portal Downloads.