Module 2: Progression

Auto-Suggestions & Affirmations for Chi Power

From this day forward, you will never look at simple affirmations the same again. Once you learn how to combine your affirmations with your physical chi energy, you have a exponential winning combination.

Sensing Colors with Chi Energy (The Basics)

Gaining sensitivity within your body is a key to this method of training. One of the ways to begin with sensitivity training is to be able to distinguish the difference between colors by using your chi to feel it.

Learn unique ways in which you can hide your energy from something as potent as a Lie Detector test. Knowing  someones unique body language is a give away to whether they are lying to you or not. This lesson reveals these methods.

Subliminal Entrainment File- Alpha Hypnotic Relax

These unique files will enable you to get to a deeper state of relaxation with your meditations. These tracks have been specifically designed for use with Mind Force Quantum Qigong training. The sounds contain their own kind of energy that will allow your own qi energy to resonate at a much higher level. Combine these with your affirmations and directions and you have an unstoppable force for positive change.

Book of The Month- Thought Vibration

Thought Vibrations: Although This book was written in 1906, many of the concepts and methods used are relevant today. You will find this book to be insightful as to how to use your chi energy with thought vibrations. The key to this is understanding that we are showing you all of the different pieces to the puzzle so you can become more effective than someone else just using a few of the pieces. Thought vibration is potent, but when combined with the physical chi energy which you are building up, the power becomes exponential in nature.

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