Module 2: Progression

The Advanced Chi Video: Building Chi Pressure

One of the best ways to build a tremendous amount of physical and mental chi energy. Still a best seller, even at a price that is 10 times the average video. This workout delivers and that is why it's still a best seller even after 20 years.

Rolling Back Time

Time is an illusion... Discover how you can begin to roll back time mentally, physically & spiritually.

These 7 Factors should be understood as cornerstones to getting good side effects while avoiding harmful ones.

Quick Start Videos (From Inner Circle 1.)

These videos will add more insights and techniques to add to your training.

Subliminal Entrainment Audio MP3

These unique files will enable you to get to a deeper state of relaxation with your meditations. These tracks have been specifically designed for use with Mind Force Quantum Qigong training. The sounds contain their own kind of energy that will allow your own qi energy to resonate at a much higher level. Combine these with your affirmations and directions and you have an unstoppable force for positive change.

Snap Shot Awareness

Creating “Snap Shot” Awareness is the ability to enter a room, scan it, and know exactly what is going on it that room for later recall. Many of the top Mentalists use this very same technique to know how to control a room.

Book of The Month- The Law of Mentalism

The book in this module is entitled “The Law of Mentalism”. This unique manuscript was digitally copied from its original book back at the turn of the century. Wait until you see how it is digitally restored. This book probably looks better than when you could get it at the book store. As with all of the books, make sure you are taking notes, so you can get all the nuggets of info they contain.

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