Module 1: Inception

Chi Magnification: The Secret Technique

Chi Magnification is the concept that you can magnify the output of chi with just your Mind Force.

The mind creates pictures constantly, so you must learn how to focus on something just like you would a magnifying glass taking the energy of the sun and transferring it to a piece of paper you are wanting to light.

Learning how to magnify or expand your Qi exponentially is both a physical and mental exercise. The starting point is believing you can do it.

Power Up & Down

Learn how to instantly power up your Qi or to turn the volume of the Qi down on command

Rooting & Grounding Power

Build your Qi Taproot deep into the ground and create an energy bubble that you can use for many purposes.

Hot & Cold Training

Do you like the hot or the cold? The best kind of chi is the kind that makes you feel good. Most of the time that is a nice warm yet cool chi. Not too cold or not too hot. However there is a use for the extreme cold and hot Qi

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