The Sequence Master Class

Welcome to The Mind Force Quantum Qigong Sequence Master Class.

The video below was filmed before the Master Class started, but contains some good information even though the Master Class has been completed.

Course Summary: Download Page for Bonuses

The Mind Force Quantum Qigong Sequence Master Class is a four (4) week intensive system to get the most out of your chi energy developement, esoteric meditation and psychic development skills...IMPORTANT: You will automatically be notified via email in 2 weeks about the first "Master Class".The reason for this, is so you can become familiar with the courses below and have a working knowledge of the system(s).If you have any question, please contact our support desk.

  • We are here anytime you need us! No matter what questions or problems you may have, don’t hesitate to contact our support desk here.
  • Your 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee:Remember that you are protected by a 30 Day Money Back 100% Guarantee. Contact our support desk if you have questions.
  • NOTE: We strongly advise our customers to read the entire blueprint and follow the videos, audio instructions and to take notes and ask us questions to get the most benefit from the system.
Downloads/Resources (See Below to go to Download Pages)

The Advanced Chi Video

This is the complete Advanced Chi Workout that has sold all over the world for 20 years. This is one of the most powerful Chi building and tonifying workout you will probably ever do outside of the more advanced concepts taught in our Immersion System.

The Chi Power Blueprint System

The original Chi Power training document that has stood the test of time. You will learn many different methods and systems to build up your internal chi energy. Including both Yin and Yang training techniques.

Mind Force Meditation- Mind Portal

The insider secrets to meditation, remote sensing, viewing and projecting (astral projection & remote viewing).

Mind Force Psychic Energy- Internal Power Centers

Get a fast start to building up and mastering the energy of body and mind.

Super Bonuses: Limited Time

The Mind Force Library

All the best selling manuals in digital format for immediate download + All Bonus Items (Sells Everyday for $47)

30 Minute Mentoring/Coaching Call with Sifu Perhacs (Limited to first 25 people)

Sifu Perhacs has private mentoring and coaching clients that pay him $300 per hour. This bonus is very limited, but probably worth the entire cost of the Master Class. Go through the program, get the techniques working and then set up a time to speak with the guy who actually created the system. 30 minutes of Mentoring valued at $150, yours for FREE when you sign up for the Master Class. Once this option is sold out, it will not be available.