Inner Game Module 2


Phases of Instruction

Weekly Training  

Inner Game Acceleration

The 4 Quandrants

There are four specific quadrants of power that if you use them consistently will yield you amazing results. Here they are.

Inner Game Acceleration

Core Exercises of The System (Basic)

There are hundreds of exercises, meditations and techniques that will propel you forward in your ability to transform your life, these are the basic ones you'll want to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Inner Game Acceleration

Exercise: Inner Child Meditation

This unique exercises and meditation will take you to a new dimension of understanding why you do what you do and what things in your past cause you pain and created your limitations.

Inner Game Acceleration

Conceptual Awareness Training

This stuff is next level and will allow you greater understanding.

Inner Game Acceleration

Subliminal Mind Workshop

This is true Inner Game training and once you know how your mind truly works, this will be worth a fortune to you.

Inner Game Acceleration

Remembering Esoteric Skills

This is esoteric understanding at its best. This will allow you to pull specific information from your mind and even the Akashic records.

Inner Game Acceleration

Week Two Webinar Training & Q&A

This rounds out the week and gets your questions answered and adds additional concepts to your week.