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Downloads-- The Chi Power Blueprint System

Chi Power Plus Blueprint

The original Chi Power training document that has stood the test of time.


Chi Power Plus Blueprint Seminar

This seminar originally sold for $100. It contains more insights into how to use the blueprint for maximum effects.


Getting Started with the Chi Power Training System Document (Blood Washing & Bone Marrow Energy Packing)

Get a fast start to building up incredible chi energy with these training documents.

PDF Document

Sample Chi Power Plus Workout

Theis customized workout will allow you to have a central focus of how you can train with this complete system.

PDF Document

Chi Power Plus Poster of the Internal Organs (just print it out)

One of the most totally unique posters ever made were available. Allows you to visualize your internal organs while you do the prescribed exercises.

PDF Poster

Chi Power Plus #1 -- Getting Started

Discover the secrets of the chosen few with this getting started audio file which goes into how exactly to get the most of this amazing system.


Chi Power Plus #2--Original Instructions

Original Instructions


Chi Power Plus #3--Advanced Concepts

Advanced concepts to take your energy skills to the next level.


Bonus Chi Power Plus Seminar

This seminar ties all the training together and mixes in advanced concepts as well.


Bonus Training Videos

Chi Power Breathing Methods

Learning how to do the 3 powerful breaths

Chi Power Tension Exercises

Discover the significance behind tensing the chi

Chi Power Organ Balancing

The keys to Chi Power "Organ Balancing"

Chi Power Standing Meditation

How to Build Incredible Amounts of Chi with the Chi Power Standing Meditation

The Secrets of How to 10X Your Mind Force & Qi Power for Astonishing Results

​Online Workshop

You will discover the concepts and methods to increase your Mind Force & Qi Power by 10X. This is a great complimentary training to The Chi Power Blueprint System.