The Advanced Chi DVD

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Course Summary: Advanced DVD Outline

The purpose of this outline is so that you can reference back to the video without having to actually watch the video every time you want to train.


Yang Exercises


· Some Precautions

· What You will learn

o Increase the size and density of the nerve fibers

o Increase the PSI (Pounds per square inch) in the body

o Increase the Electro-Magnetic out put in the body

· You will experience good and bad side effects

o Don’t do too much before your body is ready

o Gradually increase the exercise intensity

o You may get headaches, organ pain and energy spikes

· You can do more reps and training based on your physical shape

· You will be able to emit chi better to manipulate things

Regular Stretching to Warm-up

· Warm up all the muscle groups

· Concentrate on joint areas especially


Vortex Rotations

· 21 clockwise rotations (Do them slow to start with)

· Keeps the body in good shape by speeding up the energy vortexes

· The 7 vortexes correspond to the 7 endocrine glands

o Reproductive Glands

o The Pancreas

o The Adrenal Gland

o The Thymus Gland

o The Thyroid Gland

o The Pineal Gland

o The Pituitary Gland

Hitting/ Slapping Exercise

· Opens up the pores

· Helps to stimulate the nerve fibers to encourage new growth

· Hit all joint areas and organs, thymus, kidneys especially well

Blood Washing (200 reps per day progressing up to 500/20 Minutes Per Day)

· Creates clockwise flow pattern over time

· Speeds blood and chi along the body

· Start with 2 pinches on fingers and work up to 5

· Start with 25 then work up to 100 per day (Adv- up to 1,000 per day/1 hour per day)

· Strengthens and elongates the nerve fiber

· Creates flow patterns

· End with rubbing exercise

· Cup hands on exercises


Bone Marrow Energy Packing

· Relaxed position on end of chair

· Packing energy into the bone marrow

· Increase size and density of nerve fibers

· Makes nerve fibers wider

· Sealers, seal them into place

· Increases the PSI Pressure

· Circles regulate the “Chi Channels”

· Vary the speed of packing

· Maintain a relaxed attitude

o Relaxing music

o Good emotional state- Calm, joyous energy

· 4-3 & 3-4 repetition pattern of packing/sealing

Standing Meditation (15-20 minutes)

· Relaxed position of feet (you choose which is the most relaxed for you)

· Adjust stances up and down (different angles)

· Teaches you how to relax the body while in a standing posture

· Start with circles/rotations around the knees and legs

· Vortex rotations (clockwise) 4 reps each

o Top of Head

o Third Eye

o Thymus/Thyroid (tap)

o Left Organs

o Right Organs

o Adrenals/Kidneys

o Sexual Organs

· Flow Pattern #1: Left hand on right shoulder and Right hand on Groin. Cycle energy in clockwise pattern, then switch.

· Flow Pattern #2: Reverse Micro/Macro Cosmic Orbit

· Flow Pattern #3: Pulsing with breath from fingers into hand (left and right)

· Clockwise circles

· Rubbing Exercise around legs and groin

· Embracing the Tree and Reverse/Inverted

· Palms facing the ground

· Micro Cosmic over the head

· Doorknob and Bowl exercise


Blood Washing- More reps of BW’s to finish Yang workout


Yin Exercises


Micro and Macro Cosmic Orbit (Regular and Reverse)

· Advanced: Only practice reverse macro orbit- Do up to 100 reps per day


Additional Exercises

· Organ Balancing (looking at chart)

· Doorknob Exercise

· Bowl Exercise

· Finger Piano Exercise (Linked to Brain and Organs)


Lying Down Meditation

· Relax down body

· Night Exercise

· Pulse fingers and toes clockwise (physically move at first)

· Rotate energy clockwise

· Raise body up (inhale) and repel back down (exhale)

· Relax and look at “Third Eye”



· Add reps as the body adjusts to exercises

· Don’t push the body too far

· Create a daily habit of the exercises

· Be consistent with your effort

· Concentrate and don’t add emotional content yet as it adds too much density to the chi

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