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WARNING....The techniques and instructions work very well, so make sure you use your best judgement and caution while trying to use them.........

Thank you for your purchase. We're very excited to hear about how quickly you'll be learning how to become a Mind Force Specialist and Controller...

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Adobe PDF Reader (to open PDF documents)

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Control Factor Video Files

These video file will give you your training and insights into the Control Factor System. A lot of the videos have been also converted to audio files for your convenience.

Control Factor- Introduction to The System


Online Software to Build Your Subliminal Files


Control Factor- Preparing Your Mind


Control Factor Training Part 1 Video


Control Factor Training Part 2 Video


Control Factor Audio Files

Control Factor Induction Scripts

Induction Scripts The Powerful Script

We've provide both a PDF or modifiable Word Document version for your convenience. Modify them to your needs and you'll get amazing results.

Mind Force Closed Door Self Hypnosis Files

Master Key Exercise Video


Auto-Suggestions Part 1 Video


Auto-Suggestions Part 2 Video


Closed Door Self Hypnosis Audios

Mind Force Self Hypnosis Files are close to 80 minutes long and gives powerful insights, inductions & suggestions on how to become a more powerful Controller…

Six Stages of Self Hypnosis- Contains information and step by step guidance on how to stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence, improve performance and other issues…

​Closed Door Self-Hypnosis ​PDF Worksheets, Induction Scripts and Secret Files​​​

  • Closed Door Self-Hypnosis 
PDF Worksheets, Induction Scripts and Secret Files


Super Hypnotic Influence Methods of Closed Door Hypnosis Files

Closed Door Hypnosis Bonus Scripts

Self Hypnosis AutoSuggestions

The Six Stages of Self Hypnosis

Bonus -- 30 Minute Phone Mentoring with Al Perhacs

This bonus is worth the entire cost of the library. This strategy call is the same kind that private clients and students pay $300/hour for every month.

Al's time is very valuable, so he has very strict guidelines on the calls. These guidelines are to help you and others gain a better understanding of what is being taught.

  1. All calls will be recorded and available for you to download. You must accept upfront that your call could be used as an example or training session for other clients. If you wish, you may be anonymous and no one will know your name.
  2. You must send at least 3 of your questions ahead of time so he will be prepared to speak with you on that issue.Once you have a time, please be there
  3. Once you are scheduled, please be on time as Mr. Perhacs will wait 2-3 minutes and then your call will be forfeited without reschedule.
  4. If you have to cancel please let us know a minimum of 12 hours in advance.
  5. If you are not in the USA, you will have to have Skype set up on your computer.
  6. In subject line of Support ticket use subject line in bold-- FREE MENTORING SESSION.
  7. Scheduling could take 3-4 weeks, depending on Mr. Perhacs schedule.